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Feb 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the protest party of former comedian beppe grillo appears to have secured at least one/ four -- 1/4 of the vote. avin hewitt reports. >> this man, on his way to vote today, has caused a political earthquake in italy. that they grillo is a comedian who has raged against italy -- beppe grillo is a comedian who has raged against italy's establishment. one in four italians have voted for his protest movement. his strong showing is leading to huge uncertainty as to who will form the next government. initially, as the boats started to be counted, it seemed that the centerleft ass as the vote as the votes started to be - counted, it seemed that the centerleft was the majority. , however, that silvio berlusconi and his allies had had done well in key regions in the north. another later, official said the situation was very serious. the country was heading for political deadlock. it may well be that here at the chamber of deputies, the lower house, that the centerleft is the dominant party. just down the road at the senate, silvio berlusconi and his allies are performing strongly. it is
Feb 26, 2013 4:00am EST
. berlusconi says he gained the lower house while beppe grillo gained 25.54% of the seat. former prime minister sylvia berlusconi dismissed talk of a second poll and suggest he may reflect on an ally yoons with the center left after winning 29.18% of the vote. steve has been in milan. getting reaction to these elections. steve, you expect a lot of people already. is there a single consensus on the way for it in terms of likely outcomes or not? >> no, absolutely nothing. and i don't want to say what i'm about to say lightly. this is one of the biggest messes it could possibly be. we have come up on election reform. nobody how is knows how or when it will take place. bearing in mind, there is enormous distaste between the allies of berlusconi and the allies of bersani. then you have grillo who had this stunning performance of a party that was formed a couple of years ago. this is probably as big a mess as it could be, as well. some people are saying, yes, it was a stunning victory for their side including berlusconi's party. let's hear what he had to say before we move on. >> translator: this is
Feb 26, 2013 5:30am PST
results, his main rival has managed to win a majority in the lower house. and beppe grillo, a comedian turned politician, appears to be riding a wave of protest votes. what happens next? the only solution appears to be some sort of coalition. the outgoing prime minister, his coalition trailed for the and the vote, said the common ground must be found. >> it is too early to consider any solution, nor does arrest upon me to find one. but right now i consider it essential this maximum transparency between the political forces -- we are all faced with a serious responsibility. the government must ensure transparency for the country. >> barbara, what happens next? berlusconi has offered to form some sort of coalition. how realistic prospect is that, though? >> not very, but there are not many offers on the table. according to the constitution, the president of the republic, georgio napolitano, now has to tell the man with the bigger numbers -- because numbers in parliament, bersani to try to form some sort of coalition and he does not have many options. monti dust is not have enough numbers
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
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Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
of comedian beppe grillo, has ruled out coalition with either party. >> italy plays a central role in successfully dealing with the european debt crisis. we trust that any new government will continue to carry out the policies of consolidation and reform. >> first, it italy's politicians have to maneuver themselves out of the apparent dead-end the vote has created. >> for more on this now, we are joined by the "guardian correspondent in rome. what options are still open to find a way out of this political deadlock? >> there are to be will possibilities. when was being proposed by silvio berlusconi earlier today, which was a grand coalition between center-right and center- left, perhaps excluding radicals on both sides. the leader of the center-left, pier luigi bersana, seemed to be ruling that out and seemed to be extending a hand towards grillo's 5-our movement, saying they could perhaps agree on a five-point plan for sweeping reform of politics, the institutions, and coupled with that, a commitment to a new employment policy for the european union and protections for those left m
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am EST
a week before voters head to the polls. comedian turns politician beppe grillo, in fact, is owes closing in on sylvia berlusconi for second place. official polls can no longer be published. the private polls seen by reuter s suggest mario monti may, in fact b with be something of a spoiler. >> and the election largely coming down to five key candidates. the front-runner is bersani. he's the leader of the center left pd party, calling for growth measures alongside monte's plan. sylvia berlusconi is threatening to make a political comeback despite corruption scandals. we've mentioned the comedian beppe grillo. at the same time, the former caretaker mario monti, he's been struggling to gain ground in his first ever political campaign. and then last, not necessarily least, there's the civil revolution leader and former public prosecutor antonio ingrola. >> only in italian politics. as the election draws closer, sylvia berlusconi has released a five-point tax plan in a last-minute attempt to lure voters. someone who can tell us about that is julia chatterly joining us from milan where she's b
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
got the most votes, they didn't win. that is luigi bersani. berlusconi and grillo got a lot more votes than anyone expected. that's what led to gridlock and so no one is in control. silvio berlusconi, sounding exhausted, called into one of his networks this morning to chat with the news anchors there. first of all, he doesn't think there should be new elections, which is a possibility. when he was asked about interest rates rising in italy, he said, don't worry about interest rates. they are an invention. the markets are a little bit independent and a little bit crazy. and the fact that the spread is widening compared to german interest rates, why do we have to compare ourselves to the germans all the time? we don't have to. he hinted to a coalition with the left. he didn't say he would do it. the other thing he said was he was hoping that mario monti didn't even get 10%, didn't get into parliament at all. he said if that had happened, he would have gotten drunk, but he's decided to give away those bottles of wine to his friends. beppe grillo, the comedian that you talked about did phe
Feb 28, 2013 4:00am EST
and beppe grillo clowns. he made the comments on tuesday at a campaign event. >> i am a35u8ed to two clowns, one professional clown who is not upset that he is called so, grillo. and another one who definitely is a clown with a certain testosterone boost. >> now, those remarks led georgeo nepolitano to cancel a dinner with steinbrook last night. napolitano said the meeting was no longer possible and what's interesting is napolitano is supposed to be meeting with angela merkel for lunch today, i believe. >> no clowning around at that lunch. >> well done. i wish i were a fly on the wall for that one. >> it does make things extremely awkward ahead of that meeting. >> there's nothing quite like, you know, all the stereotypes that people talk about. there's nothing quite like when somebody comes out and proves stereo typical -- >> confirms that sense, contactually. >> mario draghi indicated his intention to keep the euro going, saying we are far from having an exit in mind. >> at this point in time, economic policy remains cognitive because we are far from being in a situation where we can actua
Feb 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
by comedian beppe grillo is the third largest force. he stresses his bloc will decide its positions on a policy by policy basis. negotiations between the three groups are expected to be difficult because they have all staked out different stances on key issues. analysts say the outcome could have an impact on italy's debt-reducing reforms and the stability of the eurozone. >>> americans too are concerned about stability of their own economy. some central bankers have hinted that it's stable enough to end monetary easing sooner than planned. but the head of the bank is not yet convinced. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk. so ai, tell us, what's ben bernanke looking for? >> well, bernanke is looking specifically at the jobs market. he wants more americans to hold more jobs before he exits all monetary policy. and he still feels the unemployment rate is too high at the moment. so the head of the u.s. federal reserve has defended the central bank's monetary stimulus package. this has eased concerns fed officials would cut short their asset-buying program. chairman ben bernan
Feb 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
-- won. one is a professional clown who will not be offended by this term, mr. grillo, and the other is definitely a clown with extra testosterone. >> let's get more on this from simon young in our parliamentary studios. how much of a liability is he becoming for his party and his campaign? >> he can become a liability if the voters believe that talk like this is a sign of poor judgment rather than just straight talking. peer steinbrueck has tried to relaunch his campaign after a faltering start last year, when he made comments, suggesting that the pay for the chancellorship should be increased at a time when a lot of public servants are facing pay freezes. the thinking is he might be able to get away with, like this as an opposition politician, but as chancellor if he became chancellor, he certainly could not, and many people even within his social democrat party wonder if he can really make that transition. >> there are a lot of people here who are genuinely worried about the situation in italy. >> that is absolutely right. a lot of germans, a lot of politicians are extremely conce
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
-star movement also took many seats. beppe grillo leads the new party. forming a new administration requires approval by both houses of parliament. various parties will have talks before parliament convenes, but launching a stable administration won't be easy. voters in rome were pessimistic about the election outcome. >> translator: i'm afraid italy will become greece. >> translator: i want the politicians to fix the problem. >> berlusconi wants to avoid a political vacuum but has not made specific plans. >>> investors have been keeping a close eye on this election. they, too, have expectations for italy's next government. we have more on that. >> reporter: the debt crisis has subsided since last september when the european central bank detection. ecb officials decide they would buy an unlimited number of government bonds from companies in serious financial trouble. however, investors are growing concerned in wake of italian election. they fear the european debt crisis may be reignited. no party has won a majority in the upper house and that political parties may try to form a grand coaliti
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
. >> he spoke of the near winners as clowns. one of them, beppe grillo, is a comedian, so he might not be that defended -- offended. >> the other is silvio berlusconi. he is a two-time former prime minister. >> the italian president's state visit to germany has been overshadowed by the diplomatic incident created by peer steinbrueck. italy and germany would continue to work together, despite occasional irritations. >tuesday, peer steinbrueck referred to a delete's former prime minister -- to italy's former prime minister as a clown. >> when one talks about things concerning another friendly, allied country, and about the result of a free election, one must be well balanced in his choice of words. >> he would not be drawn into the matter. >> i do not wish to comment. some statements are sufficient in themselves. >> he said italy would soon have a new government, insisting the country is not ungovernable. >> the world health organization says certain cancers are more likely to develop in the area worst hit by japan's nuclear disaster two years ago. the who says girls exposed to radia
Feb 26, 2013 9:00am PST
italian comedian, a guy named beppe grillo. controversial former prime minister sill lsilvio berluscon is not out of the picture. >> an amazing country politically. italy's the third biggest economy in europe. it got the second biggest debt burdenen in europe. investors do not like the outcome of the election. >> we watched it. the dow dropping 200 points after results came out. the european markets taking a big drop when it opened this morning. richard quest out of london, tell us what is happening. what is the reaction? >> reporter: most dramatic reaction on the italian markets, of course, that fell the best part of 5% in trading on tuesday. yields on italian debt, they rose. and all in all, there is a general feeling that what has happened in italy, because this was an anti-austerity vote, and those parties against austerity did so well, what the feeling is that we could be off to the races again. the people have spoken and they don't like the policies that european bureaucrats are imposing from above in their view and now of course we're starting to see the results. all of the majo
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am EST
tycoon berlusconi, morrow monte or beppe grillo? see what experts have to see at >>> and we have recall news here in the uk. birds eye is recalling some of its meals as a precaution. it has to do with the ongoing investigation into horse meat getting into supply chains of beef here. we'll keep an eye on earth news as we get it. >>> alcatel lucent has approved the director of michelle kucombes as its new ceo. the company is battling low sales in europe and a write-down of its wireless optics businesses. >>> now, air france klm trimmed its full year net loss. the carrier reported a 300 million euro operating loss that was slightly better than the reuters forecast. the company is cutting over 5,000 jobs to cope with soaring fuel prices and competition tr low-cost airlines. the response is relatively flat. shares down about 0.1%. not a ton of move after those latest results. take a look at merck shares. they have reported better than expected profits, citing higher rates. but the data shipping giant warned this year may not be as profitable as last year. in an interview with cnb
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am EST
. these parties need to understand that it is over for them. >> reporter: now, grillo's effectively ruled himself out of power saying on no account would he form a coalition or what the likelihood is. we're looking at a coalition between mario monty centrists and the center left party of basani. that's where the ultimate question mark remains just how stable is a coalition that they can form. do think it's interesting. in the papers today, suggesting that blackrock will send a convoy here to talk to pollsters to assess the risks surrounding this election. perhaps the concern that we've been talking about over the last few days reflected at least in the front end of the italian move over the last couple of days. for now, back to you -- actually, i want to mention one thing. we are actually going to be talking exclusively to the ceo to get an idea of the business environments and what they're thinking here post this election versus, of course, the politicians that we've been speaking to for the last few days. wanted to mention that at the end there. >> perfect. that interview will be coming up on e
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am EST
the likely winner bersani and the comedian becky grillo. calling for the televised debate, he has little too lose and perhaps more to lose is mr. bersani. he's clinging on to around a 5 point percentage lead behind mr. berlusconi. and obviously he doesn't want to face questions about his economic policy, how he's going to fund the repeal of reforms that he's talking about and some promises that he's made about policy going forward. now, on the subject of berlusconi, i asked the economic adviser of the democratic party, the party most likely to win in the lower house here just what a return of berlusconi would meet mean to italy. this is what he had to say. >> there's no hope for improving the situation. and not all of these, but most of them will not believe his promise again. >> i have to be honest, i've been trying to talk to people here about their thoughts on burl scone neep the it's tough to get them to go on the record and even even more tough off the record to get people to be positive about him. but along with his coalition of the northern league he is garnering around 0 oers of the
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Feb 27, 2013 1:00pm EST
to mr. grillo to form a coalition and mr. grillo turned him down very clearly. now members sawn any ironically enough has to form a coalition with nothing less than mr. berlusconi, the old rival from generations. even the possibility of creating a grand coalition, i don't think we will go very far. the italians have voted against austerity. i think the reform agenda is off the table. most likely, give hen -- given they will try to win and campaign for the next elections they will probably do some minor forms of fiscal loosening on the policy side to basically listen to what voters said, not this kind of austerity. ashley: right. so the political chaos, does it essentially delay all the reform efforts put in place by mr. monty? >> i think it slows down the future for additional reforms. and on the margin it will probably change in some details some of the reforms that have been accomplished. i don't think we have set up to see a major delay what has been done. i don't think italy an afford that. ashley: interesting. so are the u.s. markets overreacting to what's been going on in ital
FOX Business
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
surprisingly only a half-point behind. the number three person was a comedienne. melissa: yeah. grillo. pep pegrillo. >> and what he said, melissa, said they're essentially all thieves. throw all the bums out. a guy who was technocratic economist, who had been doing a good job in terms of running the economy, he finished a distant fourth and clearly one of the things you can read, you can read two or three big things into this. the headline in one of the rome newspapers, the winner is ungovernability. the number two thing is, they clearly don't want austerity. melissa: right. >> and number three, you do not see any structural reforms of an economy that really badly needs it. none of those are on the horizon. melissa: so from what you said i'm really liking the comedian with the crazy hair who is saying they're all thieves, throw them out. that is, that is, here he comes. that sound very rational to me. what would happen if this guy, does this guy have any chance, i mean he, what he came in third or something, right? or? >> yes. let me say one thing about the way that the italians system wor
Feb 27, 2013 6:00am EST
-establishment comedian, bepe grillo who we'll show you. here they are. >> translator: it's as clear that anyone who cannot guarantee the ability to govern his own country cannot be said to have won the elections. and therefore, we haven't won even if we were first. this is the substance. and this is also the reason for our disappointment. >> translator: they talk about coalitions. they're finished. the story is finished. another story will start. why do you continue talking about coalitions? they're finished. >> reporter: so clearly bepe grillo, the guy you saw, says he's not interested in the coalition at all. there has been talk that everybody would go into parliament. and his party would help support only the laws that they want to support as opposed to the old style of doing things where once you get a coalition in theory, everybody agrees we're going to push certain things forward altogether regardless. so that would mean, you know, things that we know he supports, he definitely wants smaller government. he wants fewer members of parliament. he doesn't want taxpayer to fund any more campaigns.
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
should be in jail for immorals charge, got 29%. then there's this comedian, grillo, he got 25%. monti got 10%. when you add it up, 54% are against budget cutting. ron, should we be worried about this? >> i don't think so, larry. come on, the market was looking for a reason to fall back here. what's going to go on in italy, gridlock is not going to be the worst thing. the market was looking for a reason to pull back, we've had quite a rally. >> do you agree with that? >> i think we should go back to the president's state of the union address on february 12th. that really was the end of our bull market. what did the president call for there? more government spending, more government intervention and higher tax rates. i think that's the threat to the u.s. stock market. you have over three quarters of u.s. companies that have reported fourth quarter earnings. almost 72% have surpassed estimates. the earnings are terrific here. >> why would you call an end to the rally? >> i wouldn't call an end. the republicans are winning. we're going to cover that in the rest of the show. >> risk capital is
Feb 27, 2013 4:00am EST
disappointment. >> he also called on grillo to come to the table. speaking yesterday the leader of the five-star movement said the last thing italy needs is another grand coalition. >> translator: i talk about coalitions. they're finished. the story is finished. another story will start. why do you continue talking about coalitions? they're finished. >> right. we've got some n3 data out of the ecb, as well. eurozone january up 3.5%, forecast up 3.2%. private sector loans contracting .9% versus.7% in december. private sector deposits in cypress banks down over 2% to 47.4 billion euros in january as well. loans to households up 8 billion in the month of january. i think there's data in italy which i can't see at the moment, as well, from the ecb. here we go -- yeah, italian banks also buying 18.5 billion of government bonds in january, as well. right. but the focus is going to be on that auction piece. interest rate strategist at corporate and investment bank, peter, good to see you. >> good morning, ross. >> what's going to happen in this auction then? >> well, i think what we're going to se
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
led by grillo. that's getting around 50%. this is fragmenting the vote. now, again, beryl skonny's party is gaining some steam with these remarks. don't forget, he also brought mario ballotelli to ac milan. will it be enough? it does come down to electoral dynamics. it's still likely in our base case scenario that you get a central left coalition, but the risk is that as beryl skonny's support picks up, that you could have a hung parliament. >> leaving it quite vulnerable and renewed market pressure. you have to do like balando lik find a way to net one. >>> coming up, george osborne is expected to warn banks to shake up risks or face a break-up. we'll stay with the full speech coming up straight after the break. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." the baltimore ravens win the super bowl amid major power outages. and uk chancellor george osborne is set to unveil plans that could see bank broken up. we'll bring you live coverage of that highly anticipated speech. well, the dow has closed above 14,000 for the first time since 2007, but we're looking at a decline of about 15 p
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Feb 26, 2013 9:20am EST
we don't hear often. it's not a victory of berlusconi, or grillo, it's actually a defeat, a big loss for the european bureaucracy. the area of mario monthi is ove. >> why should their trouble affect our economy and markets here? >> one of the straight forward things, these markets are global, right? and the fear of what the collapse of euro and connection with the u.s., first the u.s. has a lot of investment in europe, so, i mean, these kind of uncertainty, they trigger and they spill out, but there is another big thing. and the u.s. based a lot of kind of prospective growth on experts and when you don't export. when the countries are buying your stuff are doing really, really badly, that's another kind of channel for trouble for us. >> and one last one. i'm told that austerity is the result of spending cuts in europe. is that accurate? >> hardly. hardly. i mean, there are some countries who actually cut spending a little bit, but these countries have also overwelcomingly increased taxes. >> that's it. it's a tax increase as opposed to a spending cut produced this misery? >> and by t
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
the results on monday. beppe grillo. he's a comedian. he travels the country in a camper. he has a man slaughter conviction from 1908. he does obscenity laced rallies jumping on the politicians. he gets 90,000 people to show up at a rally. it's become an incredible field of candidates and it's quite possible that come monday we don't really have a government that is formed because somebody has to get 42% of the vote. it doesn't look like anybody is going to do that. it could be messy. we'll be back on monday to show you what else koum comes up. >> how long will you be there? >> i'm going to be here till wednesday. >> where are you staying? >> at a very nice hotel. >> yeah. you can't really -- i mean, it will be -- >> it's not expensive, it's very, very manageable. >> do you need me to -- do you need a recommendation? >> are you going to go down morro? >> do you want me to? >> i do. >> on the trevi, okay. >> one of your five gates that i know you probably set up already because it's romantic, it's good down there. >> alberto, there's valentino. >> you are right next to the forum, which
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am EST
with the catchup and grillo, the five-star movement showing stronger in the polls. if you extrapolate that trend for the next two weeks until next weekend when they have the elections, berlusconi might win. i think that's something that, of course, you have to price in at least as a sizable risk. and we see that yields, for instance, ten-year yields, have been pretty much climbing in parallel with berlusconi's share in the vote. so there is an impact. but it's still fairly sanguine. people don't think that berlusconi wins. even if he wins that he would stick with most of the reforms of the government. >> down from 1.39 from 2.12. you know, they didn't quite sell all of the range that was planned of that 1 billion to 1.5 billion. 1.4. your reaction? >> well, it seems that markets are taking a bit -- all of these problems that we've had in italy, a bit in their stride. we've also had industrial production data which at least on the face of it looks slightly better finish the eurozone. we could be heading into -- better for the eurozone. we could be heading into a better economic period. also for i
Feb 22, 2013 9:00am EST
part of the italian population. in third place, beppe grillo. and mario monti, the current premier, he is in fourth place even though he's done a lot for the italian finances. he's not getting a lot of credit from the italian people were having brought the finances below 7% down to 5%. let's tell you about beppe. he is a comedian. he traverses the country in a camper. he's the founder of what they call the five star movement. he's unbelievable. the things he says on stage are crazy. he's got tens of thousands people showing up at his rallies. he runs across the stage. he uses many obscenities to talk about the current politicians that are out there. and the italians who show up at his rallies love it. the video -- have we got the video of the rally? okay. you can see there were tens of thousands who showed up earlier in milan this week. we expect another rally like this tonight in rome. >> unbelievable, michelle. we were just chatting about -- only in italy, as pisani just said. we'll come back to you later on, michelle caruso-cabrera. want to point out the move in hp. intraday, up mor
Feb 28, 2013 6:00am EST
and beppe grillo. as a result, the italian president canceled his meeting last flight and is now meeting today with angela merkel. this is one election reverb rating and causing problems for policymakers. >>> more broadly, take a look at the italian markets. it is the red spot. down 0.4%. this has been key to trade both with the euro and generally with u.s. features futures this morning. so down about 0.4%. it was down about 0.6%. at those levels, you started to see u.s. futures turn negative. it looks like we're going to be able to hold up here. german unemployment data only that and can cpi data, the main releases this morning. german unemployment adjusted at 6.9% held steady in january. the cpi fell on the month but was up 2% year on year. it's spurring talks about a rate cut. quick look at the bond space next, this is where where he watch for policy cues. we're seeing a rally. we're seeing yields slightly lower. no real signs of concern emanating from here this morning. turn quickly to forex and the euro/dollar which was trying to continue to hold its ree bound, that's not the euro/d
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